Listen First, Speak Last

Listen First, Speak Last

Two Lists

Every 6 months create two lists.

1. A list of opportunities for the enterprise.

2. And a list of the best performing people in the enterprise.

Make sure you make work sessions rather than bull sessions.

Come into meetings with goals.

            A meeting to prepare a statement, an announcement, or a press release.

Types of meetings:

One member to report and discuss.

All or several members report.

Inform the executives.

Determine the kind of meeting and stick to that format. They are always summed up and adjourned.  Follow up is just as important as the meeting itself.

Example CEO SLOAN of GM

3 days a week in formal committee meetings with set membership.

3 days a week in ad hoc meetings with executives. Listening.

At the end he summed up, thanked the participants, and left. Immediately he wrote a short memo to one attendee where he summarized the discussion, its conclusions and described the work assignment. He had deadlines and the executive to be accountable. A copy of the memo was sent to everyone present at the meeting.

Listen first, speak last. 

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