How To Hire

How To Hire

Have a Process,

Make It Collaborative,

& Do Not Rush It


    i.     Ask 10 questions + 30 min conversation (done by the same interviewer)

1.     The idea is to gather data to analyze other candidates.

 i.     Questions to ask:

1.     What would success in this role look like for you?

2.     How organized are you?

3.     How have you ever personally grown?

4.     What is your unfair advantage?

5.     Do you have any special skills?

6.     When was the last time you set a goal for yourself but were unable to achieve it?

a.     What was going on? Why did that happen?

  i.     Listen for I statements willing to claim their mistakes.

7.     What is your general disposition at work?

a.     Do you prefer working 9-5?

b.     Or until it’s done?

8.     Its Friday night, are you an introvert or extrovert?

9.     When was the last time you read something related to this work/field?

10. What is holding you from your potential?

a.     What does your potential look like?

Screen for Attitude

a.     Hire people who take ownership of their mistakes

Be cautious of hiring someone like you.

a.     Varying the personalities and perspectives add angles to your company/ organization.

Work Life Culture Balance (Build a small team who work to build culture)

a.     How to work;

        i.     9-5

        ii.     Or until it’s done

Hire for Potential

a.     With proper training will this person fill the shoes I’ am trying to replace?

What Makes An Effective Executive?

What Makes An Effective Executive?

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost